Wrap-up of Mobile World Congress 2014

Our very own O2Media Product Director, Karen Waters, was on the ground at the recent Mobile World Congress, which took place in Barcelona from the 24-27th February. The MWC is the worlds largest mobile exhibition and played host to tens of thousands of delegates from the mobile and tech industry, so check out what Karen had to say on it!

Following O2 Media's stint at MWC here are a few of the takeout’s

"With over 70k attendees and 2k exhibitions that covered connected homes and tooth brushes, wearable’s, more affordable 4 G handsets to self-healing curved phones from LG Flex, there was not much time for enjoying the many networking gardens doted along the few kilometre stretch along the venue.

NFC was still being pushed this year with NFC enabled access for all attendees, even iPhone users! On arrival a set up of an NFC enabled case given to iphone users and everyone could then have easy access to the venue and even fast track order and pay at the many restaurants, if it had worked….NFC still featured heavily but with little innovation around the technology this year.

Connected cars dominated MWC this year with Ford unveiling the new Ford Focus and Mercedes revealing a car that comes complete with a Qualcomm chipset.

Telefonica presented the connected car with Cincinnati-based RacoWireless, who has been working with a number of overseas wireless carriers as well as automakers to power connected vehicles.

Lots of device manufacturer announcements such as the Nokia X and Nokia X+ Android phones revealed three new Android devices and Samsung biometrics technology into its new Galaxy S5 -- which has both a fingerprint scanner and a heart-rate scanner, a first for mobile! Biometrics and sensoring on your smartphone is here to grow.

Though it was other handsets that stood out from the more traditional manufacturers that caught people’s attention such as the Yota dual screen android handset from Russia - on the front is a grade 5in AMOLED screen with a Full HD resolution and on the reverse you'll find the 4.7in e-ink screen.

Of course, one of the most talked about event of this year's MWC was the presentation by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, where he commented that the $19 billion acquisition was a “great fit” with Facebook’s vision of connecting everyone on the planet under Facebook’s Internet.org initiative. He also announced that before year end, voice services would be added to WhatsApp.

Wearables everywhere – Every major manufacturer showcased their wearable’s with Sony large stand focusing on their new Smartband and the top of the list at this year's MWC would have to be Samsung's Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit."

For the official look back on the event, visit the Mobile World Congress website. Here are four interesting facts from the show

· 80% of new vehicles will be connected cars by 2020

· Two thirds of tablet owners use some sort of mobile device to watch TV

· One in three Visa payments in Australia are made via NFC

· 20% of Netflix content is streamed to mobile

Our colleagues at Telefonica Digital covered the event here.

TechRadarCBS News and The Irish Independent also covered some of the latest and greatest mobile tech to be announced at the MWC 2014.

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