O2 Media goes Thermal!






 Advertising goes thermal with O2 Mobile media mobile messaging based on the daily weather. 

This summer O2 Media has delivered a media first in Ireland by enabling brands to get directly into the hands of relevant audiences on the days when the sun is shining.
Certain messages and brands are particularly relevant when temperatures soar and the ability to implement campaigns quickly when hot weather hits Ireland is a huge advantage that O2 Media bring.
O2 Media has recently executed thermally activated campaigns with HB Ice Cream and Specsavers sunglasses which has enabled these brands to reach customers in a highly relevant context and to reduce campaign wastage by not advertising when the weather worsens.
On Friday 13 June temperatures reached 21 degrees, a perfect environment to send a message driving recipients to ‘cool off’ with a number of HB flavours. This execution, perfectly timed on a sunny Friday afternoon, drove great success with recall figures of 80%, 48% of whom bought a HB ice cream after receiving the message. HB always see great social engagement during the hot weather and the O2 More messages helped amplify this with a drive to Facebook, in addition to driving sales at a key moment.
On Wednesday 18 June temperatures soared to 23 degrees. This was a perfect time to reach Specsavers’ key audience with a special offer of free prescription sunglasses, with any frames bought. The requirement for prescription sunglasses would never be so underlined than in the moment of a heat wave.
Fintan Lonergan, MD of O2 Media says “Mobile messaging can marry unique profiling and location targeting with the ability to start or pause activity depending on the weather fluctuation. That’s something other forms of advertising just cannot deliver. You can’t turn on or off a poster or a radio campaign mid-cycle. Brands and Media planners are under more pressure than ever to reduce wastage and this is one way we are delivering efficiencies”.