O2 Media Survey: Mobile conquering the Retail Sector





O2 Media conducted an online survey among its Irish customers in order to get an insight into people`s mobile usage and shopping behaviour in supermarkets.

Grocery shopping online is still in its infantry, but anyone who thinks that this means consumers aren’t using digital media for grocery shopping, is out of touch with the world today!
This survey from O2 Media highlights, that “showrooming” (using the internet in-store to check competitor pricing) is no longer just a topic for high-end products like consumer electronics or clothing. With 50% of all Smartphone users surveyed saying that they frequently use their mobile in-store while shopping for groceries, Supermarkets can no longer ignore this powerful medium.

Study findings in brief:

· 51% of all Smartphone users frequently use their mobile instore while shopping for groceries  

· 77% send text messages

· 30% search for recipes  

· 44% look up product ratings in online forums

· They always have their Smartphone within reach and keep it under a close watch whilst shopping in store.

· O2 Media’s research also found that this is no longer a Smartphone-only behaviour but is one that is common across all types of mobile phones.

· 74% of all surveyed consumers said they would like to receive offers from Supermarkets & Retailers to their mobile. 48%  of Smartphone users would give permission to target their shopping behaviour and interests to get more relevant offers.

- See more at: //www.o2media.ie/news/o2media-retail-survey.html#sthash.R1NqaNKE.dpuf