Mobile this summer






As summer 2013 is upon us many businesses will opt to pull back on their media spends assuming that there is less opportunity for engagement with people in holiday mode, both home and abroad, and traditional media will take a backseat as people wind down from their daily grind.

However, in the new world of Smartphones and Devices, whilst this may be true for some media, there is a continuous engagement with mobiles and mobile devices and as a result mobile advertising is becoming a must have choice of media for many Irish brands. 

It has been true of all media that August was a quiet month for media and online use, but the rise in online engagement on mobile means that there is a much greater opportunity for advertisers during this period than before, and in particular for those operating within the travel industry. 

Despite taking time off from their day-to-day routine, people still rely greatly on their mobiles and 85% of international leisure travellers even depend on their smartphone when abroad on holiday according to lab42 findings.  The mobile is taking on a new kind of role as a “travel agent” and “Guide” with the new age of on-demand travel information, meaning that people have an ever closer relationship with their mobile when it comes to making decisions about travel preferences. 

When trying to connect with customers via mobile, advertisers that win will use that timeliness factor as well as the relevancy of the message to provide this much stronger call to action.

Summer presents a less structured advertising environment and mobile is increasingly important.  Consumers are out and about, and looking to buy.  They are more willing to go the extra mile for a deal or offer that they receive on the go if they are not actively searching for one already. People spending time outside the office doesn’t mean that they’re less connected anymore.  In fact, it means the opposite.  When people aren’t in the office at a desktop computer, they are out and about doing things, and so, they use mobile.  

By maximizing mobile marketing to take advantage of summer trends and capitalizing on increasing mobile usage, businesses can transition a summer slowdown into a more profitable quarter.

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