Mobile now accounts for 23% of e-Commerce

Mobile commerce sales have doubled in the space of a year and now account for almost a quarter of total online sales, according to a new report by IMRG and Capgemini.

In our recent O2Media study, we found 50% of Smartphone users in Ireland had purchased using their mobile. Comparing that with 51% in the UK, it shows that the use of Smartphones to purchase in Ireland is keeping pace with our bigger neighbour.

In the past six months how many times, if at all, have you used your smartphone to make a purchase from a mobile website or using a mobile app? One trend that is not currently in wide use in Ireland is "Click and Collect", where a cutomer can use their mobile or PC to order online but collect in their local store.

This now represents 16% of e-Commerce sales in the UK, a trend that will soon find its way to Irish consumers. With all this in mind, connecting with consumers at the right time and place is becoming more important every day.

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