Insights on Roaming Customers

As a mobile network provider O2 understands our customers’ needs when it comes to travel.

When customers are travelling or roaming abroad, the network will recognize this behaviour and enable us to provide a better service. Where O2 Media can help advertisers is by giving the opportunity to send their advertising message to a highly relevant target group based on that knowledge.

In the past 18 months half a million O2 customers made 3.5 million trips to Europe, over 70% of those were to the UK and 50,000 people travelled to the US. The route to the UK is the busiest one in Europe for O2 customers with 2.5 million trips by 350,000 different customers, followed by Spain and France. (Italy, Germany and France being popular destinations as well.) Spain is the destination of choice for leisure whereas the UK is a main destination for business travellers.

In order to get more insight on leisure and business travellers, our data specialists are building a mathematical model that involves various parameters such as duration of trip, frequency and destination.

Using O2 Media insight into which cities people visit when travelling but also who visits Irish airports/ports, and their frequency of travel we can work to deliver the best offers into the consumers hands at the right time and place.

On top of that this data is matched with accurate demographics such as gender, age and handset type to make it highly targeted and relevant to the customer.

This all means that those who are involved in the travel industry can identify their target group and O2 Media can send a highly relevant message to those customers – factoring in time, location and relevance.

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