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Millward Brown recently released AdReaction 2014, a global report exploring multiscreen advertising and consumer receptivity to ads on TV, smartphones, laptops and tablets across 30+ countries. Stand out is how smartphones globally dominate all other devices (TV/Tablet/Laptop) in terms of time spent on screen daily, along with how brands now need to be more focused with their intergrated campaign management. 

 · 7hrs spent across all screens each day

· Multiscreen behaviour most pronounced in China. In the US and UK, TV still remains the most common first screen among multiscreen users, but mobile is poised to explode and take top spot in these territories.

· Smartphone is primary screen worldwide - most time (2.5hrs) spend on mobile each day

· 62% of Multiscreen time spent on 'Stacking', content on separate devices is unrelated

· Main reasons for 'Stacking' are to fill time between ads on television, access social media not related to content on TV, and not being interested in what is on TV at the time

· 38% of time spent on 'Meshing', engaging with related content across devices

· Main reasons for 'Meshing' are to find more information about what is on TV and to discuss what you are watching with other people online

· Multiscreeners expect brands to be present on multiple devices

· Globally, consumers much more amenable to ads on mobile devices

· Consumers most receptive to micro videos and interactive TV ads

· However, advertising spend is failing to catch up with rise in mobile screen time, particularly on producing content that exploits multiscreen use.


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