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We asked our team members for their predictions on what they think will be big in 2014! Here's what Product Director of O2 Media, Karen Waters, had to say!

"Location based services will continue to grow with more marketers and brands using mobile to target customers with the right message in the right place. Also with the introduction of new Bluetooth products in 2014, we will see retailers begin to trial in-store highly localised messaging. This allows retailers to do in aisle offers for customers as they browse around the store, whilst in its infancy I'd expect to see this in the news for next year.

The wholesaling of data or data enrichment of the existing media channels will become an important and real world example of big data monetisation. Working with operators, data partners can enrich their solutions with unique, anonymous and aggregated data to make the customer experience of mobile advertising better.

One to watch would also be interactive video advertisement. The increase in the use of video and technologies that support them and deliver them seamlessly, across all media platforms, will reach new heights in 2014, with Facebook beginning to sell video ads in Q1. According to eMarketer, digital video will continue to outpace its traditional counterpart with an impressive 40% growth rate.

Facebook, Wal-Mart Stores and other companies are currently investigating the use of facial-recognition scans for security and tailored marketing for individual customers. By the end of 2014, customers in the US could see a targeted advertisement on in-store screens.  Kiosks have been already developed that can scan a person's face at a shopping mall to determine gender or age and display an individual sales pitch."


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