2014 Preview - Gemma Corbett on Mobile Advertising







We asked our team members for their predictions on what they think will be big in 2014! Here's what Sales Director of O2 Media, Gemma Corbett, had to say on Mobile Advertising!

"One of the biggest shifts in advertising over the past number of years has been the exponential growth of mobile advertising. With a massive shift in the way people use and consume media, we are all spending more and more time on our mobiles and the rise of Smartphones will only accelerate this behaviour. The opportunity for marketers is immense and the advertising industry has had to change at a rapid pace to try and keep up.  Perhaps it’s because of this that the correlation between Mobile advertising spends and consumer behaviour is hugely disproportionate. Any brand that seeks to put the customer at the centre of its focus must match that by making sure that mobile is given the same focus and priority when it comes to campaign execution and planning.

When it comes to mobile advertising, smartphones today have endless capabilities. Cloud based services have already raised the bar for omnipresent expectations across devices e.g. Evernote, and there will be continued growth in highly targeted (behavioural and personalised) advertising. But the real jewel in the crown will continue to be “Real Time” localised advertising via mobile phones. Location is only relevant when it is used in the moment. All advertising is created to connect with a brands target audience, the right person, at the right time and with the right product, but that connection becomes hugely powerful when real time location is added in. Targeting an advert that I can only see whilst in my house, or reading an offer at 8am on the train will always be trumped by the message that lands on my mobile 8 hours later as I walk up to Tesco to do my weekly shop.

Other trends to watch out for? Mobile video will become even bigger with the role out of 4G services. Over half of all email is now opened on a mobile device, I’d expect email to substantially flip from a desktop PC-focused channel to a mobile-first channel in 2014.

For marketers this is a greenfield opportunity - innovators and early adopters have already responded to these opportunities in 2013 and in the fast changing mobile space they are setting the pace. 2014 will bring a huge amount of clarity around those who are in the game, and those who are merely spectators or worse, armchair critics!"

To contact Gemma directly, please email gemma.corbett@o2.com