Location Based Display - What is it?

Geo-Fence Targeting - Connect with your audience when they are on-the-go and in a mindset to make a purchase.  We use location data to reach consumers when they are nearby stores, and can personalize the ad with the address to drive them to the store. It can be used as a Geo Conquesting Tool, reach and engage consumers when they are in or around a target competitor location.

Brand Engagement: Serve your target audience a creative in-app ad, created dynamically in real-time.

Targeted: Target your audience using their real-time location when they are in a mindset to make a purchase.

Measurement: Over 500 million available impressions, so you can track on a daily basis how your ad is being served. Monitored daily allows for prime optimisation.

Case Study

Bank of Ireland

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Bank of Ireland wanted to promote and drive awareness to the benefits of their Student Current Accounts. They wanted to target third level students nationwide with this campaign encouraging students to sign up or switch their account to a Bank of Ireland Student Current Account.


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