We all have a Mobile Moment. A moment when we connected with our phone in a different way and saw it as more than just a device to talk or text with. Whether it is watching a movie on a train, reading the latest news or finding a great offer, we all have a moment when we thought "Thats really cool". At 3Media we think that mobile moments are what we bring, at the right time, to the right people, in the right place, so we asked the team about their mobile moments.
What's yours?

Cian Maher

Agency Manager

083 4521029 | cian.maher@three.ie

Sinead Kavanagh

Campaign Manager

083 1985309 | sinead.kavanagh@three.ie

James Cranley

Product Operations Manager

083 4292835 | james.cranley@three.ie

Ian Flynn

Products Manager

086 8525575 | ian.flynn@three.ie

Conor Sherry

Commercial Products Manager

083 1180999 | conor.sherry@three.ie